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Secret Shopper Service

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Your job, your business all deserve the BEST EXPERTISE to give you the highest quality services.

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We serve ALL industries where customer service, employee performance and sales success is critical.


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Our secret shopper services deliver profitable results


Secret Shopper Service
 Is THE Nationally Acclaimed
Secret Shopper Company
To Deliver Results.



  As a Subsidiary of All-Star Customer Service, Inc., Secret Shopper Service Has Unsurpassed Expertise To Do More Than Perform Secret Shops - We Deliver Results!

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Some Of Your Benefits Include:

Expertise From Thousands and Thousands Of Secret Shopper Shops - We can instantly give you secret shopper service example reports that have PROVEN success - plus we will customize the entire secret shopper service and use our trained shoppers for your exact needs.

Recognized Expertise - Our secret shopper service team has been featured on TV, radio and the newspaper for the results we have delivered.  Our expertise is so good, we even shop the police - and you need top quality and covert expertise to report on firearm carrying police!

M.B.A. Supervision Of Your Customized Program FACT most secret shopper services are a weak "survey service" - a waste of your time and money.  This is 100% a service business and our multi-state operations experience, expert secret shoppers, state of the art reporting system and graduate school training, delivers BETTER RESULTS. 

Our Expertise Has Been Featured On TV, Radio and Newsprint

Transformation Experts
- Do you want results? Our expertise and proprietary systems give you more than a secret shopper service. They define customer experiences like customer experience standards program plus much more! 

Better Trained Secret Shoppers, 
 Actionable Business Intelligence/Decision Making Information, M.B.A. Supervision Of Your Services, Proven Report Templates For All Service Industries Equals MORE Value For Your Investment.

State of The Art Online Reporting System - 

Impeccable References - ZERO risk to you. 

What Our Customers Are Saying… 
Satisfied Customer Testimonies...  

"With over 1,150 locations…We’ve had several mystery shops across the nation and All-Star is the only one that can get the job done.  We are very pleased with All-Star to help us reach our goals."    Monica Martinez

  • All-Star’s shoppers, shopper training and online reporting system put their quality at the top…

  • With the support and feedback provided by All-Star Customer Service, Inc. over the past 5 years, our Organization has experienced year-over-year performance improvement in the overall service and customer experience we provide our customers across our Branch network. 

What is a secret shopper service company?  A secret shopper service company sends expertly trained secret shoppers to your business as a customer.  Once there, the secret shoppers act as a a customer according to the client's scenario.  After leaving the business, the secret shopper fills out an online report that measures the customer service.  The mystery shopper report is reviewed by the team at and once it is finalized, it is emailed to the client.  Clients can also view the results of the secret shopper service online.

In today's world, secret shopper services are very valuable.  Secret shopper services measure what you want to manage.  They empower you to deliver customer experiences that promote customers spending more money and ensure you are getting great reviews online.  We EMPOWER you to create a competitive advantage with your customer experiences to beat your competition.

Some of our services include:

We provide our secret shopper service internationally.

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